“Two Cats” Music Video

Here’s the music video for “Two Cats.” It’s the first music video from Squirrelmageddon. I hope you vote it as being “funny” or at least “furry.” It stars my two cats, Benji and Crush including kitten footage from seven years ago when we all first met. They just had their seventh birthday and it was marked with catnip and a new cat tree. I used a Digitech Jamman Phrase Looper pedal to write this one and did all the parts with my voice. It’s a cappella and rap. I shot the video with a handheld Ikea light that I shook and shined in all of our faces.

Download the mp3 for “Two Cats” and the entire Squirrelmageddon album at rhunekincaid.com/music and look forward to more music videos extremely soon!

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Pretty Oddcast (Episodes 4-6)

The Pretty Oddcast has been rolling along and collecting a cute little fanbase. It’s the podcast where Lindsey Floyd and I investigate quirky cultures and report on the unorthodox lifestyles of the people we meet. It’s pretty damn fun. Of course, the most efficient way to keep track of our adventures is to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. But, I’ll link three more episodes here. These feature a cat show, roller derby and the ill-conceived Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium:

RhuneCat.jpgEpisode #4: The Cat Show


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Roller Derby

Episode #5: Roller Derby

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Episode #6: Star Wars Night at Dodger StadiumStarWarsnight

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