Most Excellent Colorado Adventure

My trip home to Colorado was awesome. I saw lots of friends and family, and Emily and I did all kinds of things that you can’t do in Los Angeles, such as:

We breathed clean air, drank tap water without fear, drove 85 mph, merged at an appropriate speed, drove to Golden in the rain, beheld a skyline with fog instead of smog, watched Ubaldo Jimenez beat the Blue Jays 5-3 in a rain-shortened 6-inning game, and I stole an abandoned beer in the Sandlot Brewery.

We napped hard, saw a white guy mowing his own lawn, saw grass in the first place, had some sushi that wasn’t as good as the sushi in L.A., saw some buffalo and then remorselessly ate a Buffalo Burger at Turley’s in Boulder.

Drove on a highway for 40+ miles without stopping, toured the Anheuser Busch production facility in Fort Collins, saw some Clydesdale horses, drank some brews, ate a Buffalo Burger with Artichoke Dip on it, drank a flight of beers at Coopersmith’s Brewery, went through my childhood belongings and scored a Denver Broncos Super Bowl Champions T-shirt, and swerved to avoid some yahoo driving on the wrong side of the road.

We ate dinner at Casa Bonita, saw “pirates” and “gunfighters” fall into a pool, braved Black Bart’s Cave (just me), toured the Asgard Entertainment facility in Denver, sat through some painful stand-up comedy (just kidding, plenty of that in L.A.), and I got to be a special touring guest at the Lion’s Lair.

We walked around the haunted Stanley Hotel, inspiration for The Shining and shooting locale for Dumb and Dumber, drove through Rocky Mountain National Park, took mountain pictures two miles above sea level, saw elk, big horned sheep and prairie dogs, saw the scary blazing-eye Bronco statue at Denver International Airport, and I ate frozen custard from Good Times.

Emily is an awesome picture taker, so here are the photo highlights:

The skyline from Coors Field

The Rockies won 5-3 and everyone got soaked

Shileikis' impression of South Park's Kenny

This is where the beer comes from

Casa Bonita, Casa Bonita! Just like I remember

This is where horror comes from

Prairie Dog Commando is hungry for grass

This is what Earth looks like if you don't fuck it up.

I like it up there. It's easier to think.

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