“Kinda genius, kinda handsome Americana.”
Comedy Death-Ray

“…quick wit, and a gift for playing with a songs pacing and inflection. Rhune keeps you laughing and pushes himself to the next level.”
– Sax Carr, Crave Online

Like most people, I’m highly skeptical of prop comics and as Rhune took the stage with his acoustic guitar for a two song set I braced myself for the worst. To my surprise, from the first note to the last, Rhune’s songs were poppy, catchy and hilarious!”
– Jonathon London, Geekscape

“A really funny guy. I’m zomb-impressed.”
– Michael Nayt, The Michael Nayt Show

“I have never been so swept off my feet by comedy like that since I first heard Demetri Martin.”
– Colby Ely, 360voice Album of the Month

“Just listened to [Zombie Mamacita] and Space/Time Continuum! Hot s***!”
– Kevin McQueen, Girls and Corpses Magazine

“Like John Mayer only less ****y”
– Drunk Guy at the Bar

“Your YouTube videos are great, but they can’t compare with the live performance. You rock, dude!”
– Koren Young, Krazyland Entertainment

“I saw some guys singing songs on Last Comic Standing…they suck compared to you. No, REALLY!”
– Murv the Third, Spaz March

“Rhune freaking rocks! It’s rare to find music of that quality that also has a high level of humor.”
– Paul Gungel, Fan

“Your crooning expands in my chest like flat-tire foam until I can’t breathe.”
– Brooke Williams, Fan

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