Blow Up My Car

RIP 1994-2011

If you are making a movie and looking for a car to blow up (or drive very slowly), please consider buying my 1994 Saturn SL1. Its manual clutch is stripped and it drives about as well as a golf cart. It won’t stall on you, but it also won’t drive very fast or smoothly. It’s not great looking either because the previous owner backed it through a barb-wire fence. The current owner (me) also broke a front panel off by getting it caught on a metal gate.

But enough about what the car can’t do, here’s what it can do:

  1. Be blown the fuck up
  2. Be demolished
  3. Be crashed
  4. Be crashed into
  5. Be smashed by a monster truck
  6. Be driven off a cliff
  7. Get eaten by a dinosaur
  8. Have some kind of super hero character jump onto it and smash the windshield
  9. So much more

All I want in exchange for this astounding versatility is that you give me some money and take the car permanently out of my possession. I already bought a sexy new car and I need the garage space.

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