GoTopless Day 2010 “Coverage”

GoTopless Day is an annual event to protest the laws that deny women the right to go bare-chested in public. To protest, the women go topless… sweet. I was invited to the Venice Beach, CA demonstration to perform my song, “Coppin’ a Feel.” Videos and pictures abound below.

This is my favorite shot. I call it, "Topless Girls vs. Bible Bashing Christian Zealots

The argument FOR toplessness is on the right and the argument AGAINST on the left.

Kat Kaplan is a rapper and protester and, yes, she totally was using her own portrait for pasties.

Some said the tape showed lack of commitment. I say it still showed plenty of breastmeat.

This girl is named Veronique. She has very nice eyes and doesn't care who sees them.

Police thought it would be best if this guy stopped screaming his Vietnam-related boob-hatred.

This is another favorite of mine. I call this one BIG rack vs. BIGotry. This guy never masturbates.

I call this one "Signage + Boobage." My spellchecker calls bullshit both words. Digging the leopard print.

Lara Terstenjak (in the white hat) coordinated the perv-formers including yours truly.

Let's be perfectly clear as to why this guy was in attendance. He loves boobs.

Distracted by that logo? Stay focused! It's the logo of the Raelian Movement. Look it up... later.

You know what everyone is wearing with their sun hats this season? Tits. That's what.

...and how is everyone accessorizing their titties this season? With devil horns. That's how.

Nadine Gary is the organizer of GoTopless Day 2010. She doesn't mess around.

What is this? This is something else I saw on Venice Beach. A two-headed turtle.

Because I knew you wouldn't fucking believe me, another shot of the two-headed turtle.

This young lady works at the same Venice Beach Freakshow where the two-headed turtle works.

This girl tried to put bunny ears on me, but it didn't work, because I've got Photoshop.

'The empresses have no clothes,' yelled out bystanders, but no one listened.