The Adventures of Danny Prime: Time Wizard

Editor’s note: I just got a hair up my butt to publish this short story I wrote a long time ago and never really showed anyone. The file on my hard drive is dated 2008 which makes it older than any song on this site. It came about because I dreamed it, so if you don’t like it, don’t blame me, blame my subconscious (for bad spelling and everything).

The Adventures of Danny Prime: Time Wizard
by Rhune Kincaid

“The manipulation of time is the province of time wizards,” explained Danny. “A person may not even suspect that they possess the powers of a time wizard until after the powers manifest. This ‘awakening’ occurs as a result of an extreme emotional experience. At least, I think that’s what happened…” Read more…

Space/Time Continuum (Official Music Video)

This song is the most polarizing song in my repertoire. Responses are inevitably split between “this is my favorite” and “I don’t get it.”  The latter don’t even mean to say, “I don’t think it’s funny.” They really mean, “I don’t even grasp the concept.”  I think the key to “getting it” is watching enough sci-fi movies or at least one Back to the Future film. If you haven’t managed either of those, you may want to skip this… also if you have epilepsy. Anyway, here is “Space/Time Continuum” from my first album, Space Hell Sex Bunny:

This video was made before this blog, and therefore, never got a mention. I think it might be my favorite thing I’ve ever done in the whole world. Vastly delayed credit goes to the actress, Ashley Lindenberg, whose demure classiness really distracts the eye away from what a horrible dancer I am. Also, this video made me think I should go back to parting my hair in the middle, but I’m not sure I have that hairline anymore.

A lot of people ask the same question, so I might as well answer it. The “time machine” in this video is a light stage at the Institute for Creative Technologies in Culver City, CA. It’s built for 3d modeling, but we used it for its shiny, flashing lights. Also, no, I cannot get you access for your shoot.

Production stills: