At long last an album: Squirrelmageddon

This is Squirrelmageddon by Rhune Kincaid (me). It’s a music album with 20 songs. Hit play. Clickthrough to to download Mp3s (for free), get an ol’ timey CD, or read the lyrics. Tell me what you think?

Thank you for listening!

My New Album Has a Name and A Cover

I’ve finished my part of making my new album. I’m going to call it Squirrelmageddon. It took me two years. If you ever decide you want to make an album all by yourself, first make sure that you’re reliably unemployed. The next step is mastering. That means I send it to Robert Smith in New York who will make it big, and boomy, and loud, and bright, and clear. And that means, I’m feeling ok about showing you the album cover art. If you were a fan of the cover art for Space Hell Sex Bunny, you’ll probably like this.

squirelmageddon ablum cover by rhune kincaid


Songs I Bet You Never Knew I Worked On

Hey gang! Here’s a weird story about two songs that I bet you never knew I worked on!

the trouble with terkel poster songsAbout six years ago, I was commissioned to work on two songs for an English-language version of an animated film from Denmark. It was called Terkel I Knibe (Terkel in Trouble). The task was pretty unique. The movie had two songs that had been produced in Danish that needed to be re-sung, re-produced, and translated with as much humor as possible into English.  I got to see the whole movie, but more than half of the dialogue was still in Danish. A stream of bizarre, outrageous, half-understood, and obscene animated images paraded before my eyes so I could get a feel for the tone. And then I did the job! I made Americanized versions of “Mr. Cool” and “F*** Off and Die.”


The movie is finally coming to America! It’s been renamed The Trouble with Terkel and has already scored a spot in the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.  It’s also making a west coast debut at the Laemmle Noho 7 on February 3rd at 10pm. . I’ll be there, and it would be cool if you were too! Be warned though; just because this is an animated movie about kids does not mean it is for kids. It is a hard R with some rau-au-au-unchy stuff. Raunchy stuff. The aforementioned “trouble,” that the protagonist, “Terkel,” is “in” is both disturbing and profound. But I’ll be singing in it for a couple of minutes, so it’s all ok!

tl;dr I made two songs for this movie that’s playing at the Laemmle NoHo 7 on 02/03/17!

For full details and tickets, check out the theater’s site:

Album #3 Progress Report #2 – Vocals Aplenty

I’m halfway into recording the vocals for what will be album #3. I took a hearty break after the last bass tracks to work out a new song (tentatively) called “Diamonds Are For Suckers.” It’s 14 minutes long, so now this thing is an album for sure! I’ve never done an album with such diverse vocal stylings, so I’m quickly learning that recording a rap is different from recording a rant, which is not the same as recording beatbox, none of which are the same as recording the singing that I’m used to doing. On top of that, I’m doing it all in my closet studio. 🙂 So, per usual, it’s going pretty slowly. I started in June, and I’d say I’m about halfway done… so… nope, still not committing to any dates.

For the record, I have at least five rap songs now, and they’re not all bad.

Song Blog: Coppin’ a Feel

I’m going to write a series of blogs about some of my favorite tracks from my two comedy albums. All of my music is now available on a “name your own price” basis. That means you can download it for free, or pitch in a little to support my musicomedy habit. So feel free to download and listen along.
Coppin’ a Feel Lyrics Download
I think the reason that “Coppin’ a Feel” is my favorite song is because it is about something that I am truly passionate about: grabbing boobs. I think it’s the most genuine song I’ve ever written, because it’s subject matter is something I truly hold dearly. It’s a topic that I can really grasp. I’ve seen a lot of gropings happen in the audience while I play this song, and I like to think of this track as the “home edition.” Feel free to play it anywhere as a license to squeeze.

I’ve played this song more than any song I’ve ever played in my life. It has been a part of nearly every show I’ve done since I wrote it, so it seemed natural to make it the first song on American Chipfunk. It was my favorite bit of percussion sequencing, and it was the song that convinced me I was doing the right thing thing by switching from Fruity Loops to Ableton Live for my drum tracks. I ended up using a little electric guitar, some synth, and piano in additional to my usual lineup.

To show that I do my research and am not just writing songs willy-nilly, here is a brief pictorial history lesson on “The Art of the Grope”:

Copping a Feel was invented way before the birth of Christ. This photo was taken long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Nipple pinching was popular in 1591, when an unknown French painter captured this gem. It now hangs in the Louvre.

The 1930’s were not-so-great for most, but this unidentified man scored a stone-faced double boob grab.

It doesn’t always have to be grabbing a boob, it can be the butt of a famous athlete like Kerri Walsh, as long as she’s distracted.

Accio mammary! Even famous authors like JK Rowling are not safe from the molestation of our g-g-generation.

In the future, the Vulcan nipple pinch could replace all other forms of copping a feel. It’s sweet revenge on Spock for Captain Kirk.

Don’t you feel smarter now?

Now, in the interest of saving boobies, melons, juggs, hooters, ta-tas, mounds, tits, titties, yabbos, garbanzos, cans, knockers, mammaries, sweater puppies and funbags so that they’ll still be around to squeeze, fondle, grab, pinch, honk or rub, here are some ways to help prevent breast cancer or raise awareness:

Think Pink:

And also, eat Pomegranates.

And for some 5th of July fun, here is someone’s list of the most influential boobs in American history. For some reason, they are all actresses, and I can’t help but cringe at the painfully glaring omission of Mrs. Mary Phelps Jacob, the inventor of the modern brassiere…