Live Pretty Oddcast at Stan Lee’s Comikaze!


Have you heard about the podcast I started last year? It’s called Pretty Oddcast, and it’s a travel show for weirdness. Lindsey Floyd and I have recorded 25 episodes, but the really big news is that our next episode will be a LIVE recording at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. It’s a comic book and pop culture convention like Comic-Con, only less crowded and way better.

Our panel will be in Room 506 at 5:30pm on Saturday, October 31st. Halloween! So dress up, hang out, and party down with us!

You can catch up with our earlier episodes on, iTunes, Stitcher and wherever fine podcasts are sold (it’s free).

#TBT – “Welcome to the Spank Bank” Live at Flappers 2012

I don’t remember doing this show. I don’t remember changing the lyrics to this. I don’t remember removing the crappy interlude section. I don’t remember this song ever getting this good of a reaction. Yet, there it was, on a file that sat on my Windows Desktop for two years. It’s not the best video, but it’s proof that this is not the worst song I ever wrote. (The two I played before it got lousy responses, so they’re worse.)