The Sun is Gonna Blow Up (Live)

Here’s a new video I’m putting up on my video page to change my image, since really, I am more of a rockin’ scientist. This song will be on a future album… if there is a future.

I’m in the L.A. Weekly… (and they spelled my name wrong)

The L.A. Weekly has an article about this week’s talent contest. Before you ask the embarrassing question… No. It doesn’t look like I’ll be winning the ass-kicking contest. Someone racked up about a thousand votes between 7 pm and midnight. Though I will not get to put 1st place on my resume, I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I was not online stomping for votes on a Friday night. Before hitting the bars, I did adventure onto to find some new friends to vote for me, but all I saw were 47 penises, 6 boobs, 3 vaginas, 1 naked couple, 1 tiger and 1 dog.

It looks like I’m going to take 3rd place and win tickets to a Kick-Ass themed burlesque show though. You better believe I’m going, even if I have to take the 110. Naked dancing ladies is a pretty good consolation prize.

The best part about the L.A. weekly article, aside from spelling my name wrong, is that they’ve put up a picture of me singing. Singing is pretty much the time when I least want my picture taken. It looks good on video, but when you cut out a single frame, the singer either looks constipated, like they just smelled something awful or like a complete dick. In the picture in the L.A. Weekly, I look like I just smelled a constipated dick.

I thought it might be fun to do a retrospective of the worst pictures ever taken of me on stage, but it turns out, most of them have been deleted. Those that remain are still pretty bad. We’ll start this retrospective of bad singing pictures with a look I like to call, “Stinky Microphone Face.” It shows up in about 80% of the pictures taken of me. The rest are divided between”Yelling for no Reason Face” and “Confused by Myself Face.” As you can see in the last one, when I’m not singing I am all rock ‘n’ roll.

Dream Come True at the Kick-Ass Contest

Last night, I performed in an ass-kicking contest to promote the upcoming Lionsgate movie, Kick-Ass. There were comedians, singers, martial artists, a girl dressed as a dog and many more competing to see who could “kick the most ass.”  That’s a fancy way of saying it was a talent show. It’s an on-line contest, so…

To see all the contestants and cast your vote, go to:

Vote for me as much as you want, because it would make me happier than I already am. You see, I am already ecstatic about this video. It was a dream come true. I played “Coppin’ a Feel,” which will be the lead single off of my upcoming album, American Chipfunk. The cameraman deserves all the awards in the world, because he thoughtfully panned to the audience during the audience participation part of the song and captured, on video, a real life feel being copped. That is why I’m ecstatic. Most of my concert videos just show me singing. This has the magic of public groping! That’s right. If you watch this video, you will get to see a boob get squeezed. It shows that my song isn’t just a collection of pretty melodies. It is a serious message song like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Ohio,” U2’s “Sunday, Bloody, Sunday, John Lennon’s “Imagine,” etc…

Coincidentally, the victim of the squeezing was Satine Phoenix of You can read her review of Kick-Ass here.

Special thanks go out to Jonathan London of who invited me to the contest (and was the first judge in the video, I think he was a little biased due to his own public molestation habit), Juan-Manuel Rocha of, and for sponsoring the event!

Coincidentally, it really was my sister’s birthday. She shares it with Jackie Chan. I wasn’t making that up. Happy birthday, Emelie!

For the curious, here is the full, 3-minute version of “Coppin’ a Feel”: