Back In Internet Business

Mildly exciting news. Since I’m getting ready to release my new album, “Squirelmageddon,” my first two albums, “Space Hell Sex Bunny” and “American Chipfunk” are available again on




And something called “Deezer” that I don’t know how to work. Google Play Music will take a little longer.

And just like always, they’re all available at for the price of freaking free.

Apple is Run by Freemasons

I saw an Apple logo that I could’ve sworn I’d seen somewhere before… somewhere evil. Apparently, it’s the logo for the App Store, but I knew it from somewhere else.

The logo is a couple of writing implements crossed above a ruler forming the letter ‘A.’ Take a look at how closely it resembles the Freemason’s logo of a compass and square:

Not sure which is which? Supposedly, the blue one is for Apple and the white one is for world domination. They both symbolize evil. To clarify, the Freemasons are an evil secret society who manipulate politics, arcane artifacts, the weather and whatever else suits their greedy desires. Apple just makes phones that turn their owners into insufferable jerks.

What does it mean? Is Apple run by Freemasons? Or do they just aspire to infiltrate the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet using Freemason techniques? Either way, I instantly knew to be wary of this symbol and that’s no surprise. I’ve long been wary of Apple, Steve Jobs, iTunes (Here’s the Top 5 reasons iTunes sucks) and their nefarious products. The best selling song I’ve ever written is a song from my first album, Space Hell Sex Bunny, and it’s about how much iPhones suck.  I still think they suck. Have a listen:

There Are Going to be Some Changes Around Here

The business model of the independent musician is a constantly shifting landscape. This site’s music store has bounced from ReverbNation to Amazon to iTunes to DigStation to selling mp3s in a back alley to the place it always needed to be:

Thanks to bandcamp, you can now listen to the entirety of  SPACE HELL SEX BUNNY with that little widget in the sidebar. Bandcamp is more user friendly than DigStation and lets you share an artist’s music practically anywhere. I did it, and Lord knows I have issues with technology. I recently saw blue lightning in my microwave. Nobody died, but my point is, makes it so anyone can share music without lethal consequences.

When it comes to downloading, Bandcamp is just like iTunes and Amazon, except they’re not out to slam the independent artist in the keister. Keister-slamming is always something the indie artist needs to be aware of and afraid of.

Want to hear an interview with me where I talk about the economy for independent artists, media piracy and MusiComedy? Check out 13 Guys Named Ed, a tech podcast with the good sense to book attractive guests like me for their audio podcast.

The title of this episode is ‘The Rhune Kincaid Story.” I like the title. I like it a lot. These guys talk gadgets, games and even took a moment to talk with me after downloaded my mp3 and used one of my songs, “iPhone,” for a previous episode. We all learned a lesson about media licensing and that makes it a show that not only entertains, but makes you a better person.