Journalists Against Fun

tumblr_npbq8djqvH1r83d7lo5_1280This recent attack on Amy Schumer has really bothered me. When we discuss “comedians,” we’re talking about artists, and not just any artists, but artists who work with the smallest margin for error out of any art form. It galls me that some idiot takes a tiny cross-section from a stellar canon like Amy Schumer’s and uses it to make a self-serving argument without doing further research.

I’ve listened to the material in question. Schumer is being disingenuous, and it takes intelligence to be funny with disingenuouity (technically not a word). She’s not dumb or racist… she’s mocking dumb racists.

Not everyone “gets” disinginouity, but not getting a joke doesn’t licence attacking the creator’s character. The author of the attack couldn’t detect a comedic technique. She literally lacked a “sense of humor.”

I know it won’t stop, because the bottom line is this: when you want to get attention by writing a half-researched social justice warrior article, and you don’t want to write it about the politicians that are actually trying to legalize bigotry… comedians will always be the easiest target because they operate on that edge between “ok” and “not ok.” Reporting that a comedian said something alarming is like reporting that the mailman delivered mail… so get a sense of humor (so you can understand what you’re hearing), or shut the f*** up.

Comedy or Pornography?

If you go to Youtube to watch my “Coppin’ a Feel” music video, you’ll find it “disabled for violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines.” It looks like this now:

:/ is right.

I appealed, but that just meant I got to write two sentences, click a button and have it denied within minutes. I’m quite unhappy. According to their notice, “YouTube is not the place for nudity, pornography or other sexually provacative content.” It’s a comedy video. Yes, it’s about something sexy, but that doesn’t make it pornography. There’s zero nudity and the imagery is no worse than the average rap video.  I could spend a lifetime watching racier stuff on YouTube, but I won’t.

Instead, I’m asking people to spread their displeasure on twitter using the hashtags, #ShameOnYouTube, #FreedomOfReach and #LifeLibertyAndThePursuitOfGropiness. Let YouTube know that they got it wrong.

If you haven’t seen it, and therefore aren’t sure if you’re outraged yet, the video is below. Judge for yourself. Is this comedy or pornography?

Coppin’ a Feel (Official Music Video)