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Mildly exciting news. Since I’m getting ready to release my new album, “Squirelmageddon,” my first two albums, “Space Hell Sex Bunny” and “American Chipfunk” are available again on




And something called “Deezer” that I don’t know how to work. Google Play Music will take a little longer.

And just like always, they’re all available at for the price of freaking free.

Coppin’ a Feel (Official Music Video)

People often ask why there’s no music video for “Coppin’ a Feel.” Ask no more!

Coppin’ a Feel (Official Music Video)

Don’t forget, you can get the MP3 or the entire American Chipfunk album on the music page.

Preview stills for you still-pervs:


Not long ago, I wrote in this space, asking for people to send in their best zombie impression. The end goal was to create the backdrop for a “radio play” about zombies. “Zombiegeddon!” is the result, and the third track on American Chipfunk.

The dialog comes from a screenplay that I meant to produce as a film before I ran out of money. The brilliant voice acting and improvisations were provided performed by my sister, Emelie O’Hara, and her friends, Ian Tindell and Curtiss Frisle. It was a lot of fun to do some sound design on a piece that didn’t have to conform to the rigorous rhythmic standards of music.

Have a listen or download it for posterity:

Zombiegeddon! Lyrics Download

Everybody loves zombies now. Film studios love them because they’re cheaper than dragons. Horror fans love them because of their uncanny resemblance to the living. Christians love them because Jesus was one. I love them because I really think I’d be happier in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. In that world, when someone annoys you (and they’re undead) you’re allowed to hit them in the face with an ax. In fact, it’s encouraged. If they do turn out to have been living, you just claim that you thought they were a zombie! Sadly in the real world, you’re pretty much never allowed to hit someone in the face with an ax.

Now that even the morons in Hollywood have figured out that zombies are awesome, is it still cool to like zombies? Heck yes, but only if you’ve done your research.

Usually, I like to write a top ten list or history lesson with each of my song blogs, but that’s not gonna happen on the topic of zombies. Nope. Since I’m a zombie expert, you’re getting a top 30-or-so list of the best zombie stuff ever. What’s “stuff?” Anything can be stuff. Movies, comics, video games, 3-minute radio plays from my album, tv shows, you name it. I’ve even ranked them this time. Please feel free to disagree loudly and often.

My criteria for “what makes a zombie” can be summed up in two words: infection and resurrection. Here’s the best 32 things ever made about zombies.

32. Return of the Living Dead Movie The punk sibling of George A. Romero’s flicks. It has a naked zombie girl for most of it.
31. Resident Evil Movie It’s not the best of it’s breed, but it sets the tone
for it’s superior sequels.
30. Resident Evil 5 Game The best looking zombies in game history.
29. Day of the Dead (Remake) Movie This one got bonus points for taking place in CO.
28. House of the Dead Game No arcade is complete without this cabinet and it’s two plastic guns on wires.
27. Resident Evil 2 Movie Basically, it’s the first movie expanded to a
citywide scale. Monsters are horrible though.
26. Dead Snow Movie Not the most sensical zombie film, but the zombies are Nazis. So there’s that.
25. Pandorum Movie I’m still not sure this fits the genre, which is the
only reason its this low on the list.
24. Resident Evil 3 Movie The third time was a charm. It’d be nice if the trend continued for the fourth.
23. I Am Legend Movie They screwed up the ending.
22. Dead Space Game This is a borderline genre call as well, but it’s so
damn good. Possibly the scariest game ever.
21. Thriller Music Video Normally, I don’t like when zombies dance. Did you know Michael Jackson’s in this?
20. I Am Legend Book It’s much better with the original ending, because
then the title actually makes sense.
19. Undead Movie Few have seen this Australian comedy, which sucks. Its almost as good as Shaun of the Dead.
18. Resident Evil 4 Game Re-invigorated the survival horror and zombie genres.
17. Dead/Alive Movie The bloodiest movie ever. Works for me.
16. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Game This mini-game sets the table for Dead Rising 2, which could compete for the top spot on this list.
15. Land of the Dead Movie Romero’s take on classism in the USA.
14. Zombieland Movie It’s not perfect, but it’s a decent training video
for the actual zombie apocalypse.
13. Planet Terror Movie Robert Rodriguez’s zombie apocalypse not only has great zombies, it has great characters.
12. World War Z Book This book is the definitive work on how it will all
go down on a global scale.
11. [Rec] Movie This Spanish movie is the Blair Witch of zombie films. It was remade poorly by Americans.
10. 28 Weeks Later Movie This sequel is great because it’s about screwing it all up after we defeat the zombies.
9. Dawn of the Dead Movie The classic satire on American consumerism.
8. The Walking Dead Comic It’s not even finished yet, and it gets 8th place.
7. Left 4 Dead Game This was the first simulator to really get it right.
If everyone played it, we’d all be ready…
6. Left 4 Dead 2 Game ..and this is the definitive simulator. I practice
once or twice a week, just to stay sharp.
5. Night of the Living Dead Movie Simply put, Patient Zero.
4. 28 Days Later Movie This is the most hardcore zombie movies get without being Italian and unwatchable.
3. Shaun of the Dead Movie More than a comedy, it’s a zombie amalgamation, a zombgalmation, if you will.
2. Dawn of the Dead (Remake) Movie I’m sure people will disagree, but for me, this one summarizes the genre perfectly.
1. Dead Rising Game Every facet of the zombie apocalypse you could ever want to explore and it all fits in the mall.

Song Blog: Coppin’ a Feel

I’m going to write a series of blogs about some of my favorite tracks from my two comedy albums. All of my music is now available on a “name your own price” basis. That means you can download it for free, or pitch in a little to support my musicomedy habit. So feel free to download and listen along.
Coppin’ a Feel Lyrics Download
I think the reason that “Coppin’ a Feel” is my favorite song is because it is about something that I am truly passionate about: grabbing boobs. I think it’s the most genuine song I’ve ever written, because it’s subject matter is something I truly hold dearly. It’s a topic that I can really grasp. I’ve seen a lot of gropings happen in the audience while I play this song, and I like to think of this track as the “home edition.” Feel free to play it anywhere as a license to squeeze.

I’ve played this song more than any song I’ve ever played in my life. It has been a part of nearly every show I’ve done since I wrote it, so it seemed natural to make it the first song on American Chipfunk. It was my favorite bit of percussion sequencing, and it was the song that convinced me I was doing the right thing thing by switching from Fruity Loops to Ableton Live for my drum tracks. I ended up using a little electric guitar, some synth, and piano in additional to my usual lineup.

To show that I do my research and am not just writing songs willy-nilly, here is a brief pictorial history lesson on “The Art of the Grope”:

Copping a Feel was invented way before the birth of Christ. This photo was taken long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Nipple pinching was popular in 1591, when an unknown French painter captured this gem. It now hangs in the Louvre.

The 1930’s were not-so-great for most, but this unidentified man scored a stone-faced double boob grab.

It doesn’t always have to be grabbing a boob, it can be the butt of a famous athlete like Kerri Walsh, as long as she’s distracted.

Accio mammary! Even famous authors like JK Rowling are not safe from the molestation of our g-g-generation.

In the future, the Vulcan nipple pinch could replace all other forms of copping a feel. It’s sweet revenge on Spock for Captain Kirk.

Don’t you feel smarter now?

Now, in the interest of saving boobies, melons, juggs, hooters, ta-tas, mounds, tits, titties, yabbos, garbanzos, cans, knockers, mammaries, sweater puppies and funbags so that they’ll still be around to squeeze, fondle, grab, pinch, honk or rub, here are some ways to help prevent breast cancer or raise awareness:

Think Pink:

And also, eat Pomegranates.

And for some 5th of July fun, here is someone’s list of the most influential boobs in American history. For some reason, they are all actresses, and I can’t help but cringe at the painfully glaring omission of Mrs. Mary Phelps Jacob, the inventor of the modern brassiere…


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