Journalists Against Fun

tumblr_npbq8djqvH1r83d7lo5_1280This recent attack on Amy Schumer has really bothered me. When we discuss “comedians,” we’re talking about artists, and not just any artists, but artists who work with the smallest margin for error out of any art form. It galls me that some idiot takes a tiny cross-section from a stellar canon like Amy Schumer’s and uses it to make a self-serving argument without doing further research.

I’ve listened to the material in question. Schumer is being disingenuous, and it takes intelligence to be funny with disingenuouity (technically not a word). She’s not dumb or racist… she’s mocking dumb racists.

Not everyone “gets” disinginouity, but not getting a joke doesn’t licence attacking the creator’s character. The author of the attack couldn’t detect a comedic technique. She literally lacked a “sense of humor.”

I know it won’t stop, because the bottom line is this: when you want to get attention by writing a half-researched social justice warrior article, and you don’t want to write it about the politicians that are actually trying to legalize bigotry… comedians will always be the easiest target because they operate on that edge between “ok” and “not ok.” Reporting that a comedian said something alarming is like reporting that the mailman delivered mail… so get a sense of humor (so you can understand what you’re hearing), or shut the f*** up.

Pretty Oddcast (Episodes 15-18)

Is there some reason you’re not listening to Pretty Oddcast? Only if you wear pants made of crazy! Of course, the most efficient way to keep track of our adventures is to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, but here’s a quick listener’s digest:

height_360_width_640_overlay_pipe-band-300x300Episode #15: ScotsFest

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Episode #16: Indie Pro Wrestling

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Episode #17: Recap!

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Episode #18: AdultCon

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These episodes happened thanks to the cooperation and/or existence of ScotsFestival, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and AdultCon.

#TBT – Some of my song demos are really bad

I recently stumbled across a bunch of old demos. Most of them are bad, some are downright embarrassing. “Drunk Girls” turned out to be a pretty decent song when I was done recording it, but I’m sure a lot of people think it sucks. I imagine the reprehensible lyrics are a turn-off for many, but now I have proof that it could have been much, much worse. I embarrassingly present a crappy demo of “Drunk Girls” played with a tacky, uninspired, hacky, low class 12-bar blues riff instead of the one I ended up using.

For comparison, here’s the “good” version using a better riff, auto-tune out the ass and some funkier beats:

And for thumbnailing purposes, here is a picture of some drunk girls from Google image search. So drunk, so drunk, so-o drunk.



This is for #ThrowbackThursday. The file is marked 2007, which I’m going to say was before there were a million multi-take a cappella covers on YouTube.

Dr. Demento said my name

Dr. Demento has given birth to many great careers in the field of comedy. So far, mine is not one of them, but he did play “iPhone” and “Space/Time Continuum” on his show. Here’s audible proof: