Pretty Oddcast (Episodes 15-18)

Is there some reason you’re not listening to Pretty Oddcast? Only if you wear pants made of crazy! Of course, the most efficient way to keep track of our adventures is to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, but here’s a quick listener’s digest:

height_360_width_640_overlay_pipe-band-300x300Episode #15: ScotsFest

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Episode #16: Indie Pro Wrestling

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Episode #17: Recap!

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Episode #18: AdultCon

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These episodes happened thanks to the cooperation and/or existence of ScotsFestival, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and AdultCon.


This is for #ThrowbackThursday. The file is marked 2007, which I’m going to say was before there were a million multi-take a cappella covers on YouTube.

Dr. Demento said my name

Dr. Demento has given birth to many great careers in the field of comedy. So far, mine is not one of them, but he did play “iPhone” and “Space/Time Continuum” on his show. Here’s audible proof:

The Sun is Gonna Blow Up (Still)

I’m still spreading my catastrophist views via children’s songs. Why don’t grown-ups take me seriously?!!?

Blow Up My Car

RIP 1994-2011

If you are making a movie and looking for a car to blow up (or drive very slowly), please consider buying my 1994 Saturn SL1. Its manual clutch is stripped and it drives about as well as a golf cart. It won’t stall on you, but it also won’t drive very fast or smoothly. It’s not great looking either because the previous owner backed it through a barb-wire fence. The current owner (me) also broke a front panel off by getting it caught on a metal gate.

But enough about what the car can’t do, here’s what it can do:

  1. Be blown the fuck up
  2. Be demolished
  3. Be crashed
  4. Be crashed into
  5. Be smashed by a monster truck
  6. Be driven off a cliff
  7. Get eaten by a dinosaur
  8. Have some kind of super hero character jump onto it and smash the windshield
  9. So much more

All I want in exchange for this astounding versatility is that you give me some money and take the car permanently out of my possession. I already bought a sexy new car and I need the garage space.