Nerd Stuff Listicles on Ranker (Articles #4-7)

I love making lists and I love when people give a crap that I made a list, so as you can imagine, I was very happy to find out that two of my first three lists that I wrote for received over 100,000 views. So, like anyone who loves attention, I wrote even more! Since these articles get re-ordered by readers, it’s fun to look back after a few months and see just how hard people disagree with me.
the-most-redundant-x-men-characters-ranked-u2#4 – The Most Redundant X-Men Characters, Ranked

I love the X-Men a whole lot, so it really chaps my hide when writers either don’t know their history or just don’t care and they decide to just rehash a character with a “new” one. The great thing about early X-Men stories is that all the characters are unique outcasts. When there’s 7 telepaths running around all the time, it’s not so special.

best-avenger-comics#5 – Best Avengers Comic Storylines, Ranked

People like new comics and the old classics and nothing in between according to the voting on this list. The 1960’s stuff from Stan Lee and the darker new stuff from Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis has all floated to the top while 70’s Steve Englehart books lag behind. This was a fun one to write because I was naive enough to think I needed to read them all before I wrote it. I really liked getting familiar with Under Siege and Ultron Ulimited.
FyUfZUyd_400x400#6 – The Best Deadpool Storylines, Ranked

Deadpool has weirdly gained in popularity over his 25 years in the Marvel lineup to become one of their most popular characters of the new millennium. You wouldn’t have guessed it from his humble start as a generic, sock-headed ninjassassin. By embracing comedy, a handful of writers have turned him into so much more. Here’s hoping the Merc with a Mouth gets a good big screen treatment later this year.
MicOnFire#7 – The Best Voice Actors in 90’s Superhero Cartoons

I pitched this one as “Best Actors from X-Men: The Animated Series,” but I’m glad it got expanded into something broader. I got to revisit Spawn, The Maxx, and Aeon Flux, which were all less appreciated superhero cartoons from the 90’s. As I suspected, once the voting opened all of the characters from X-Men: The Animated Series and Batman: The Animated Series flew to the top. And that’s the way it should be; those shows were spectacular. I also learned that the original voice of Optimus Prime worked in the 80’s and then didn’t revisit the character until the Michael Bay movies.


Journalists Against Fun

tumblr_npbq8djqvH1r83d7lo5_1280This recent attack on Amy Schumer has really bothered me. When we discuss “comedians,” we’re talking about artists, and not just any artists, but artists who work with the smallest margin for error out of any art form. It galls me that some idiot takes a tiny cross-section from a stellar canon like Amy Schumer’s and uses it to make a self-serving argument without doing further research.

I’ve listened to the material in question. Schumer is being disingenuous, and it takes intelligence to be funny with disingenuouity (technically not a word). She’s not dumb or racist… she’s mocking dumb racists.

Not everyone “gets” disinginouity, but not getting a joke doesn’t licence attacking the creator’s character. The author of the attack couldn’t detect a comedic technique. She literally lacked a “sense of humor.”

I know it won’t stop, because the bottom line is this: when you want to get attention by writing a half-researched social justice warrior article, and you don’t want to write it about the politicians that are actually trying to legalize bigotry… comedians will always be the easiest target because they operate on that edge between “ok” and “not ok.” Reporting that a comedian said something alarming is like reporting that the mailman delivered mail… so get a sense of humor (so you can understand what you’re hearing), or shut the f*** up.