The Sun is Gonna Blow Up (Still)

I’m still spreading my catastrophist views via children’s songs. Why don’t grown-ups take me seriously?!!?

Tay Zonday’s Lockout and Me

This makes me so happy. Some Youtube luminaries have weighed in on my music video for “Coppin’ a Feel.” This may be the nicest thing anyone’s ever made about my music. It features Tay Zonday, Mystery Guitar Man, Ethan Newberry and Exotic Jess, who doesn’t have many nice things to say, but even that makes me happy. Thanks to BAMMO for making this happen!

To give this blog post a little beef, I’ll respond to my “critics.”

To Tay Zonday:
Thank you, I’m honored. +30035 (boobs).

To Exotic Jess:
I didn’t have a girlfriend when I wrote the song, but I did by the time I made the video (and still do) which made the whole thing a bit more nerve-wracking than boneriffic. Also, while girls might not notice when they’re checking their rack… I do.

To Mystery Guitar Man:
I did make a Craigslist post, but didn’t cast anyone from it. They all seemed like the kind of girl that might shiv the whole crew and steal the camera.

To Ethan Newberry:
You get me bro. I will send you that loop.

Song Blog: Handjobs and Driving

Remember when I used to post blogs with a little “Behind the Music” and a link to a song? Why did I stop doing that?

I recently gave a guitar slide as a birthday gift, which got me thinking about my song, “Handjobs and Driving.” I was walking home from work and saw a couple making in a moving car. “Making out and driving… don’t mix,”  was a horrible song lyric, so it had to be changed to “Handjobs” which, I think, really flows.

Without further ado, here is the MP3:

I made it a country song, because I think people who like country songs also like things that can be driven. The recording was one of my favorites and since it was the last song on my first album, “Space Hell Sex Bunny,” I felt free to give it a crazy ending. This was pretty much the only excuse I ever had to play slide guitar, so i did my damnedest.