Coppin’ a Feel (Official Music Video)

People often ask why there’s no music video for “Coppin’ a Feel.” Ask no more!

Coppin’ a Feel (Official Music Video)

Don’t forget, you can get the MP3 or the entire American Chipfunk album on the music page.

Preview stills for you still-pervs:

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5 Responses to “Coppin’ a Feel (Official Music Video)”

  • Comment from Leigh

    LOL! Classic Video!

    It’s undeniable that a male can experience a degree of paralysis when the opposite sex enters a room displaying a heaving rack of lamb. Lord what we wouldn’t give for touch, because it means SO much!

  • Comment from admin

    It should be illegal for a male to operate a motor vehicle with a heaving rack in the passenger seat.

  • Comment from trkstr67

    Very nicely done. I plugged and linked on my site FYI.
    Love your ‘carmate’ she is the hottest in the video fo sho!!

  • Comment from admin

    Thanks! I appreciate the linkage. I believe you are referring to the lovely Amber Barnett, who did indeed, do an awesome job on the video. 😉

  • Nice dude, you’re the man.

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