Apple is Run by Freemasons

I saw an Apple logo that I could’ve sworn I’d seen somewhere before… somewhere evil. Apparently, it’s the logo for the App Store, but I knew it from somewhere else.

The logo is a couple of writing implements crossed above a ruler forming the letter ‘A.’ Take a look at how closely it resembles the Freemason’s logo of a compass and square:

Not sure which is which? Supposedly, the blue one is for Apple and the white one is for world domination. They both symbolize evil. To clarify, the Freemasons are an evil secret society who manipulate politics, arcane artifacts, the weather and whatever else suits their greedy desires. Apple just makes phones that turn their owners into insufferable jerks.

What does it mean? Is Apple run by Freemasons? Or do they just aspire to infiltrate the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet using Freemason techniques? Either way, I instantly knew to be wary of this symbol and that’s no surprise. I’ve long been wary of Apple, Steve Jobs, iTunes (Here’s the Top 5 reasons iTunes sucks) and their nefarious products. The best selling song I’ve ever written is a song from my first album, Space Hell Sex Bunny, and it’s about how much iPhones suck.  I still think they suck. Have a listen:

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9 Responses to “Apple is Run by Freemasons”

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  • Comment from Rosalina Ozment

    great post!

  • Comment from Rob Jackson

    Interesting that you think that the App Store symbol is a square and compass similarly used as a freemasons’ logo. Actually, the app icon is the shape of an “A” Sorry to state the obvious. = App Store. If there was a new world order and apple was trying to control the world. Look around. It already does. I’m a freemason, and you’re probably not. So i guess you’re not running the world. I am. (Please read this with a Rodney Dangerfield voice, i mean no offense, just jabbing at your conspiracy theory craziness)

  • Comment from admin

    I think I can safely say that I am funnier than any freemason. Nice try though.

  • Comment from Disheartened

    I have read some rubbish before but this is right up there, I cannot believe people such as you are so uneducated that you believe this tripe.
    I am a freemason, but Im leaving the fraternity because they are loosing the battle for members, freemasons are dieing out and not being replaced. The younger generation does not have the time or the effort to join and be part of it, so only the oldie’s are keeping it going, and one by one the lodges are closing as the oldies drop off. Freemasons are about networking and having brothers help each other, that is all and that is as far as it goes. I have been with them for many years and they are completely harmless, the practise of rituals and lectures on philosophy is as brazen as it gets.

    Grow up, do you really think that in todays day and age that a secret society could get away with anything illegal? (or evil, LOL what a joke)

    This is not the dark ages, if the Masons did anything wrong, they would be dragged down for it and it would be on the front page the next day. They no longer have the contacts or strength to do anything, let alone create a new world order. All the politicians and police commissioners have retired and the new generation didn’t join up. If anything they now spend their time and effort raising money for charity and helping older members.

    Get a life and start living it.

  • Comment from admin

    That’s just what they want us to think….

  • Comment from originalcliche

    Why are people so obsessed with naming songs with words that include “space”, “monkey”, “bunny” and etc. It was cool when Satriani did it back in the 80s but really … dude, think of a better name for your song.

  • Comment from admin

    I have a monkey?

  • Comment from Tom

    People who rag on Freemasonry are just lonely, jealous people who probably got black balled years ago.Just grow up.

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