The After Disaster Christmas (Live at the Brea Improv)

I’ve beeafterxmas2n asked to play some of my goofy-ass songs to open for alive podcast, but not just any live podcast. It is the After Disaster (formerly The Loveline After Disaster, but they were stripped of the association for their avant garde ways), which I became aware of because they often record their outrageous podcasts in the studio where I work (The Loveline Studio). Calling it “outrageous” is no hyperbole either as there are several reasons to be outraged with the (often hilarious) content of this podcast. While on-air, the three hosts (Mike Carano, Anderson Cowan and Tyler White) have nearly killed themselves, each other and one of their wives in the name of comedy (and they weren’t even angry).

It’s a big deal for me to A) Be playing a big-ass major club like the Brea Improv (Hello, Improvs, it’s been a while) and B) Be opening for the most unique and compelling tragi-comedic, under-planned, excessively db’d, inside-joke-plagued, mall-grabbing, weapon-wielding, gift-craving, not-really-racist, anger/anxiety/callback-riddled, very famous podcast sagas that shouldn’t have existed in the first place, but luckily does.

If you don’t know it, you should look it up at All the live show info can be found there and on the flier to the left, which I assume was made by one Scott Clark.

So, what I’m trying to say is this; it would be rad if you came. Also, if you haven’t caught me on stage this year, this set will be all new songs (with a reworked oldie or two).


Pretty Oddcast (Episodes 4-6)

The Pretty Oddcast has been rolling along and collecting a cute little fanbase. It’s the podcast where Lindsey Floyd and I investigate quirky cultures and report on the unorthodox lifestyles of the people we meet. It’s pretty damn fun. Of course, the most efficient way to keep track of our adventures is to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. But, I’ll link three more episodes here. These feature a cat show, roller derby and the ill-conceived Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium:

RhuneCat.jpgEpisode #4: The Cat Show


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Roller Derby

Episode #5: Roller Derby

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Episode #6: Star Wars Night at Dodger StadiumStarWarsnight

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Coppin’ a Feel – (Super Boobed Outtakes Edition)

For the past 4 years, during Breast Cancer Awareness month, I’ve always been sure to post my original Coppin’ a Feel music video in hopes of raising awareness (not really, I just like attention. Boobs and attention). This year, I thought I’d mix it up with a different version that no one has ever seen. I apologize in advance.

I was a much less mature person when I made the original music video. I put all the extra, inappropriate squeezing, spanking, rubbing, bouncing and touching outtakes into a separate timeline in case I needed them to fill a few beats. Then it turned into this. There’s no storyline. There’s no continuity. There’s no smart editing. Just boobs. Boobs on the move. It’s actually kind of sexy for something so disorganized.

So it existed, but it just sat on a hard drive for four years, which was smart, but now there’s #ThrowbackThursdays, so…

Hey, also, why don’t you donate to a cancer research charity or something? It doesn’t even have to be for boob cancer. I’ve learned since then that research saves a lot more lives than awareness. I hope you still like the song.

The Pretty Oddcast (Episodes 1-3)

I’ve started a new podcast called The Pretty Oddcast with Lindsey Floyd. We met working at Loveline and now we go on adventures to explore alternative lifestyles and fringe subcultures. Put more bluntly, we want to find out what weird people are doing in weird places with their weird time. Since then, we’ve released podcasts detailing our first few oddventures, and I wanted to make them available here. Enjoy!

CameraZOOM-20140718195320053Episode #1: LARP Stands For…


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Episode #2: Comic-Con International

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Episode #3: Threshhold BDSM Clubbackatthreshold

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Tenacious D – Festival Supreme Theme Song

Tenacious D had a contest for songwriters to compose a theme song for the Festival Supreme Comedy Festival. This was my attempt! I forgot to submit it. I lost.